Is A Virgin Rookie Easier to Get A Job?

As I start with such a title, I feel like I were the columnist Carrie Bradshaw in SEX AND THE CITY. True, in the TV drama, Carrie often raised some thought-provoking questions. She’s somewhat my model if someday I can become a columnist as successful as her in NYC.
I looked through the newspaper, the Internet ads and I even submited my CV to a local TV station. I haven’t heard a piece of word from the TV station. That’s Chinese people’s way of doing–if I were a recruiter, I would have notified everyone who applys for the job, no matter good news or bad news. And what turns out is most of the ads I read are looking for people who have relevant experience or for newly graduates only.
–Is a virgin rookie easier to get a job?
The society is somewhat metamorphic. A newly graduate complains it’s hard to get a job in big city. On the other hand, the employer says the position is only open for newly graduates. What if I come back from overseas? The attitude of the employer may change, "Ok, we will consider you. Pls wait for our notice."
My best friend asked me the other day, "Why do you want to change job?"
"I wanna earn more money to realize my backpack travel dream, to support myself to study abroad. I’ve had this idea for more than 6 months. But what worries me is nobody hires me," I said sadly.
–What advantage do I have that is superior to a virgin rookie?
I have experience. I learn and I am a quick learner. I listen and I cope. Above all, I am a workaholic. But my drawback is I am not a suck-up. I care less about obtaining success through guanxi. I guess I am wrong though. In this morbid society, learning how to build up relationship is the ladder to success. 
"A good journalist does not only write well but most importantly, s/he has a wide connection with people."
I remember my sisterlike reporter friend said such thing to me. I want to leave where I am, really! For where? I am still not sure.This morning, I shed tears again when facing dad. He lost temper at mom again!!! When can I get this tragedy over?  
I want to get a new job, not succeed. I want to make my parents happy, not succeed. I want to keep an alien heart to myself, not succeed. I want to escape from this monotone daily scene, not succeed.
It’s been four days I am sitting at my office desk, doing nothing but daydreaming an opportunity would take me away. Come back to the question — is a virgin rookie easier to get a job? Based on my setbacks, perhaps I ought to agree.

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