One Hour Shopping Craze

I did something extraordinary today!!!
Instead of sitting at the office on a muggy summer afternoon, I sneaked out for an hour. Where did I go? I went to Beijing Rd. Walking Street, one of the well-known shopping hub in Guangzhou, to purchase four pieces of clothes. Just in one hour, I targeted at the very style I want; Without trying on, I just picked up my size of clothes and paid at the counter. Jeepers! That’s quick! I guess I only stayed at the Giordano shop for less than 20min.
My new chief editor turned down my proposal today. Basically, I think my day is already screw up. My BBF said to me, "You’re getting daring now by sneaking out of work." "Yeah, why not? They wanna fire me? That’s exactly what I want. I bet they dare not to do that though," I replied scornfully. "Sticklers suck!" I typed this tag on my MSN. Thanks to my avuncular friend, I am hoping to get some ideas from "The Diary of Anne Frank." For the Sept. issue, I will still "follow suit" as the previous issue. But if none of the changes I make is accepted, I am quitting definitely!!!! Unfortunately, in the mag. business I cannot have a quick deal as I shop at Giordano.
Sticklers suck! I am not happy that a rookie will be my direct head, nor am I glad to know my proposal is turned down. Probably that one hour shopping craze helps me to vent a little bit. 🙂 Probably I really don’t wanna work for a while.
After reading my entry, below is what my avuncular friend responds:
i’m glad you got out and blew off steam, song-yi. but don’t be so damned sensitive. you win some, lose some in business. your time will come. remember, what fueled your one-hour shopping spree is what you earn from working. if you quit, you can’t depend on your credit card alone. try to the following for size.

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