New Position

"What a tiny enclave!"
"How stuffy here it is!"
"It’s a big change from where I used to work–spacy, cool and private."
Well well well, since decision has made, I should start getting used to the new enviorment rather than making complains about things I no longer have. Today is my first working day at my new desk. Err, it’s not exactly a new desk but different from where I used to sit. On my MSN tagline, I updated it as "moving from pleasant Nordic countries to muggy Saudi Arabia." Ha~~in fact, it should be Tokyo here as there are 9 people here sharing one air-con, pretty high density of population in this section. Whereas I used to sit in front of a big air-con, sharing only with two colleagues. 
These are only geographical changes. The personnel change is I am now working for the Speaker magazine instead of the Teens magazine. I am working with a different group of people now. New team work. Although this is not a big change in my career, I still hope I will learn something new in the new mag. So far I know I will deal with more audio stuff in my work, more sound editing and sound mixing which seem to be more interesting than other parts of producing a magazine.
Anyway, I am not sure how long I am gonna stay at this position. My decision depends mostly on my mom’s situation. The CAD scan doctor called dad this morning, asking him to go to the hospital with mom’s previous CAD scan films. I am kinda nervous about what the doctor would say to dad. I wish I could come along with dad this afternoon but dad didn’t want me to. God bless, things will turn good, if not good at least no too aweful for us to take it. Amen! 

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