Flee in an Instance

I almost forgot what a life could be without stress and responsibility.
I escaped to Macau last weekend–
I was in glee: Without my mundane trouble, I had a good time with the waves by the beach. The black sand, the shells, the sun, the breeze, the vacationers, the kids, the water motors, the sky, and the tides, they all seemed to smile to me. Looking faraway, I felt I was so small compared to the long long coastline. I was chasing the waves, walking along the wave line. If only I lived nearby, I would come to the beach every day. The waves came up and down, just like one’s life–with success and loss. Suddenly, a big wave came upon me, I thought I would mind my pants got wet but I did not. Trivia is trivial. The rhythm of waves connected my soul and mind. It’s been a while that I haven’t felt time is ticking by in slow motion as well as in such an enjoyable tempo–up, down, up, down, up, down…
I was in gratitude: I participated a Portuguese Sunday service in a grand Cathedral. It was my first time to attend a non-English occasion. Probably I am sensitive to "death" these days, occasionally I could pick up the Portuguese term "Morte." Despite I don’t understand the language, I can feel the spirit. Gazing at the tiffiny glass window of Mother Maria and Jesus on the cross, my heart was repeating the prayers for mom, while tears were running in silence. I thanked God for extending my mom’s life with hope till today. I was tense and my eyes were teary. God bless, may Mom have many returns.
I was in ecstasy: I shopped in a pure New Zealand product shop twice. All the products were from New Zealand. I could not resist from grabbing candies, honey into my basket. I got two bottles of Manuka honey for mom. The shop keeper who could be a NZ-Chinese was very friendly to me. I felt like returning home from New Zealand with a bagful of NZ products.
It must be a miracle if I could give mom a reason to live on in the past eight months. This morning I said to myself, I ought to put this down in my application letter to the prospect postgraduate schools or the future employers. It can add an attribute to defind what a person I am–someone who can offer hope, someone you can count on and someone with great persistency and stamina. Before I graduated from college, I was childish to believe that as long as I find something I like to do, I will stay at one job till the day I retire. But after two-year’s working at the same job, I find boredom and unhappiness. Yet, before I figure out how to make the next move, I should stay where I am. 
Life is something–I am savoring every bit of it…      

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