Think OUT of the Box

I should have updated this entry earlier on Monday, but as always I was tied up at work; once I got home, I felt like staying away from my computer.
On Monday, we had a group meeting about "the theme of the month" for October, November and December issues. I like this kind of meeting which offers opportunity for each of us to present our ideas. As it seems to be always, I lit up the discussion. Since every column was quite different from one another, it was hard to make a theme for October. At that moment, I proposed to use the keyword "harvest" to link up every part of the mag.
October is supposed to be a harvest season, we will talk about shopping, about stock market, about post-jail life of Paris Hilton. When we shop, we’ll get something home; we invest, we may gain a lesson or a profit; Hilton’s new outlook on life is what she gets after confinement. All of these are about "result" or "reward." It definitely meets the theme of the month–"harvest."
We were all happy about the idea. As for November, I reminded my team members of the day November 11. An interesting combo of four one’s. It’s a new holiday for the single men in China. So just think out of the box, I helped to solve the problem. I am amazed that my idea was accepted. That’s what I have been telling myself–I may make good use of my creative mind at the ad firms or promotion dept. 
Speaking of the "harvest" topic, I also ask myself what I have got from life. If I stop talking, thinking or even working, my life is super boring. But just this quiet moment of doing nothing is what I miss the most but I cannot get it right now. More than one friend has suggested me start writing essays or short stories. I thought about it but I have no clue where to begin with. If you ask me whether I have something really really wanna share with others, or tell a story, I just cannot think of one on mind at the moment. Probably I am used to the situation that if I cannot talk about it right away, I tend to put the story on the back burners. Just see my space, keeping a journal month after month, eventually the most loyal reader is myself, nobody else. It’s a one-man’s world.
What has life given me? A very heavy question.
I have no choice to select what kind of life I live. I feel blessed as long as my mother still lives with me. I am gonna miss that for the rest of my life if I don’t.
I have no idea what kind of life is waiting for me ahead. But my patience is definitely standing the test of time. I face my everyday life with fear to begin with, with bless to end with.
I know it’s cruel to say so, but to me it is so true. To every human being, we are waiting to die every day since we were born, as death is the end of our life journey. In order to make the waiting period not so unbearable, we study, we work, we make friends, we entertain and we do all sorts of things to enrich our life. Life is colorful but it’s also pathetic.
I receive materially and emotionally and I give back–that’s what life has given me. 

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