Do It My Way

The night before I had a fierce dispute with dad. I had known it’s a resultless talk before I compromised with him. He was such a stereotyped bastard. I have completely lost faith in him. Sometimes I wonder why would I have such a strong-character father.
Nevertheless, as our family friend suggested, do it my way if I believe it is the right path. Mom is always supportive but I gotta survive if someday I lose such a great fan. It’ll be a great pain to me. Yes, it will be. When thinking of that, I really don’t want mom to leave me so soon.
I have been asking a second opinion from my frineds and of course, my mom too, about my thought of quitting my job by October this year. My heart tells me I am ready to leave. Look, today I have cleaned up my file at the desk again. I am happy to see fewer stuff on my desk. I realize I am eager for a new fresh breath. Like the idea that no man will date me or even propose to me, haha, no firm and organization will welcome me; no school will accept me. Because I have high standards. I ask for too much.
The summer heat has tired me out. I don’t feel much of boredom at work but just emptiness and blank. Just in two-week’s time I have finished 90% of my work for October issue. Jeepers, am I a locomotive? Or am I an efficient robot? I can’t wait to draw a full stop to my career yet many friends say to me, your life is just started.
Once again, I hear friends are leaving for oversea life. I am happy for them. In another sense, I smile to myself in a mischievous way–I haven’t found my shelter yet. Anyway, I don’t have my dad’s shallow mind. Thank goodness!

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