Turning Over a New Page

Today is the last day of July 2007. As usual I turned over a new page of several calendars both at home and at work. Turning over the calendar is just a small little thing but it signals time will never go back. In the past 31 days, I worked at the new magazine Crazy English Speaker. Everything seems ok with me. In fact, I don’t feel much tied up with my work. Probably that comes from the reason that I don’t need to read tons of readers’ letters every day. And I don’t need to work seven or eight columns for the monthly mag. I am still the first person in my group to accomplish the monthly assignment. It’s my style to working ahead of deadline or even one-month’s early.
By this Sept. I am going to propose to the deputy editor about my resignation in Oct. This morning the first thing I did after getting up was companying mom to the wet market. I’d never done that before. It was memorable. I don’t know how many days left that I can enjoy such a simple detail of life with mom, thanks to God’s mercy. This little first-try has actually determined my mind to quit my job. I wanna dedicate more personal moments with mom.
Yes. Financially I may be in hot water as several people have said such thing to me, considerating mom’s medication and the living cost in the near future. Crazy English still owes me a couple grand of translation fee. I really don’t mind translating for corporations for some quick money. My friend is going to take IELTS. She tells me the booking for the latter half year of 2007 is full. I can’t believe there’re so many competitors applying for overseas schools. Sometimes I think to myself, if I have the money, why not just go for immigration instead of spending it on further study. The core of the apple is I wanna change a new lease of life completly and entirely. I wanna adventure a life in a total strange land. I am not sure I can do it now under the circumstance of mom and the poor relationship with dad.
I don’t know if everything will have a solution. Whatever, the bottom line at the present is to ease mom’s pain as much as possible. I hope there will be more calendar pages for me to turn over while being with mom happily ever after. In God We Trust, Amen! 

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