Just a…

The title is kinda intersting… “Just a…” — a joke, a lie, a dream, a little gossip. Well, I virtually wanna say, just a brief report. Today is the second day I am “on strike.” Not much has been done at work. I’m just relishing a sheer piece of mind under a not-so-intense working enviroment.
Lately I am enthralled by the bestseller novel “The Kite Runner.” Occasionally my eyes would be attracted by the book lying on the desk. I cannot resist the temptation to peep a couple of pages. The author is amazing. The way he describes the scenes is so delicate and unique that it’s hard to tell it’s from a non-native English speaker’s hand. I like the detailed descriptive parts. Wish I could achieve that someday.
I also watched the latest version of movie “Little Women” (1994). It’s just an ordinary story, not many plots or climaxes. That’s my first impression. Yet, I read the book review afterwards, realizing those four March sisters carrying four distinct personalities which have made the novel special. I kinda search myself from the March sisters, figuring I might be a bit like Jo March. I ask my BFF about it and even he agrees Jo March and I have resembling characters. Wish I could write as well as Jo though.
Time presses, when you are having a good time, you’ll never feel time is enough. While when you are in traumatic agony, you can feel every second creeps. I know the differences ‘cos I have the real life experience. There is a time that I think about closing this space. I start up this space two years ago, hoping a little corner of meditation can help to lift up my beaten spirit. By the end of this month, this space will be exactly two years old. The space has witnessed my ups and downs on the road in these two years, actually, more so my downs, especially since last fall. My mind hasn’t forgotten New England yet. But it’s become more far-reaching than before now.
Just a… a feint illusion, a moody reverie and a prayer on the wishing tree. Let it be, let it me, I say to myself.          

One thought on “Just a…

  1.  i am ok these days. now i am working full time in a chinese travel agency. but just for temporary. and part time as a retail assistant in stadium. the job is ok,but just very busy everyday.
     for the youtube thing…..first u need to find out the video that u want, and then copy the URL. open the window of a new entry, and then click the \’HTML\’ button on the menu bar. then u will find out that the new entry will be turned to be a HTML language. and then just paste the URL in that window, thats all. Click the \’HTML\’ button again to go back to the previous window, and you will see the video will be there. 

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