My Poem

by Karen Clark
Blazes of silver swords crack the sky
Angry roars from the vault rumbling along the way
Nothing but the lonely darkness smiles
Ceaseless mournful tears streaming in lines
Flooding in the alley like sand slides
Who can be more joyful than the thirsty soil
Who can be more dreadful than the submerged moil
Breeze asks why–
Mist doesn’t reply
Darkness has overruled my mind while
Hordes of chaos have invaded the shape of my heart
Little creatures are too scared to open their eyes
Haha, no one can conquer the evilness
No one is allowed to hide
A tint of fall arrives
It urges the downpour not to cry
Glowing twigs can’t wait to say hi
Nodding their heads and swaying merrily
Oh my, oh my–
Shadow casts o’er me yet
Radiance thrusts in to light up my pitchy sky

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