Something Hard to Say

I did it. I did it. I talked to my head about my resignation intention. But out of my expectation, she tried hard to convince me to stay.
There are words hard to say, like "I love you", "Don’t leave me" and "I am going to quit." Well, I took my courage and said "I am going to quit." My head was just dumbfounded with her mouth open. I wish I had my camera around to snap that very shot.
What will you do after your resignation? is the most concerned question. I don’t have the convincing mind to tackle all the WHYs bombarded by the head. Right, I know I am not a person with strong will. I’ve failed to talk into my friend to live near me and I’ve almost given in in this mind-talking.
All I worry is my mother. But it’s hard for me to tell her the truth. 
Why is it so hard to say something?
I wish I knew but I don’t. Maybe that’s life.

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