All Gone

It’s been one week since I came back to work as usual. My mind is still repeating those several dire pictures happened in the hospital. My home has become much quieter and more roomy than before. I could find mom’s shadow at every corner.


All gone…leaving only memories. All of a sudden, my life has become emptier and somewhat disoriented. No more life with 24/7 high intensity, no more medical home care, no more personal chichat–and I have lost someone who I can confide in, someone who understands me without words can say. Like my BFF said, mom has burnt out her remaining energy to cheer me up. In the past 365 days, we have weaven so many beautiful memories. They will stay with me in my life forever. I’ve made it, smiling with mom to the end of life. I am strong and I must be because I am the extension of my mom’s life.


I’ve tried my best to hold up my tears, especially in front of dad. I must admit mom has inherited her strong personality to me. Now my biggest hope is write something about mom and myself as the only child in my family. God bless mom is rested in peace. Amen!    


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