On Memorial Day

Today dad, Mr. Liang and I went to pay respects to mom. I couldn’t sleep last night because of this special mission today. All of a sudden, I feel myself have grown old. Mom will soon have left us for a month. And there will be two months, three months…six months…a year… Yet memories can stand the test of time. Until today I am still in half disbelief that mom is gone. She’s gone for good. I really want to sit down in peace and get my writing project started. I want to write down every detail of this whole real-life story. I also want to sign up for my dream course to pursue for my career. So many thoughts…so many recollection…so many sentiments…my simplest words to remind myself is–take it easy, one step at a time!
I am not a cheese lover, probably that’s why it takes lots of effort out of me to move my cheese. But I will try my best because mom is watching me to move on…
Mom, you’re on my mind always. I miss you very much!

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