I am not lazy but just very busy at work. I want to work in advance so I can relax during my Chinese New Year.
I have several destinations to visit: Cambodia, Thailand, northeast of China, Maldives, Australia and New Zealand.
I don’t know when I will be a carefree backpacker but I really wanna do lots and lots of trekking.
Being alone doesn’t mean feeling lonely. I took a short trip with dad and my cousin last weekend. It’s a hot spring resort near Guangzhou. Hope you enjoy the pictures. A long newsletter is on the way… This Christmas will be quiet for me. But I am planning to light up hundreds of candles at home on Christams. Beer and wine will be my soul mates and music will be my holiday partner. What do you say? 🙂 When I see the big Christmas tree standing in the lobby of Garden Hotel, I think of mom again. I know she’s around. May God bless her in peace.
I should have so many to write about but I am afraid I will not be able to stop once I let my thought flow.
I would have sobbed uncontrollably by myself but in another sense, being alone has made me stronger to face every chapter of my life.

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