Getting Older

"How would you like to celebrate your birthday this year?" Dad asked me the other night.
"No particular plan, just wanna spend it like a normal day," I said in calm, "I don’t wanna be reminded that I am getting one year older though."
Almost every year in the beginning of Feb. I would be extremely aware of every second passing by. This year it will be quite different on my birthday, as I am gonna spend it without mom. I like what Ginger Spice said, "We are getting a little bit older and a little bit wiser." Are we not? My childish mind says, I really don’t wanna grow up. If I could turn back time, mom and dad would be together with me and I could continue to have my peterpan dreaming. Wow, awesome! Yet, my grown-up mind says, get a grip! Time to shoulder on more responsiblities. And it’s alright to cry at times when I feel overburdened.
In the past weekend, I returned to one of my favorite cities Haerbin. This year there is not much snow in the northeast. What’s more, I could not see Beethoven there. How disappointed! I was cheated by the taxi ride twice! But I was the lucky one. This time I succeeded to make my complaints with stronger proof and… I got my money back!!! The Haerbin Taxi Supervision Division gave me a call yesterday. Other than the driver will be sent back to driving school to retrain for three days and the taxi company has to pay a penalty fine of 500 to 1000RMB, I will get the full refund of the taxi fare. Fantastic!!! Honesty is the best policy, isn’t it?
More travel photos will be uploaded…

2 thoughts on “Getting Older

  1. Hey, brother! You should send me "Happy Birthday" wishes, instead of scaring me of getting old. Alas…I am really feeling old…

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