Path to the White House

I don’t know why I use this title. I am not a political activist. These days Hillary and Obama are on the TV screen so often. That has aroused my curiosity. For an outsider like me who cannot vote for this election, watching the presidential campaign is like watching a thrilling horse race. Of course I have my bet and I hope my bet will excell over all the competitors. I remember four years ago I worte a disappointed essay about Bush’s victory in the 2004 election. Let me share with you again.
Newsletter—My viewpoint on US presidential election

By KC  (Nov.5th,2004)

Whenever it is time for the US presidential election, I will see it as a time to elect the leader of the “World Police Brigade”. No other presidential election in the world can be so internationally sensitive as the US presidential election, which is in the limelight of the globe. During these days I got the news about the US presidential election in bits and pieces as I am not a politics buff. But my chums had been following the news day and night. The news said a great number of the US citizens participated this year’s election no matter if they loved politics or not. As a spectator, I see the American people have been polarized into “Republicans” and “Democrats”, i.e. the American society appears diverges of “Conservative” and “Liberal”.

Four years ago, I was disappointed that Al Gore could not win the campaign. I never forget the night, which was the eve before I registered to be a freshman in university, which I saw the vivid pictures of the World Trade Center collapsing on the TV screen. The tragedy happened just less than a year after Bush took office. Four years later, I was dumfounded when I got to know the outcome of this latest election. How could that be? My friends, no matter they are Yankees or from other parts of the world, all expressed “I favor Kerry.” “I want Kerry win.” “I will vote for Kerry”. I am speechless. I am disappointed again. Well, I guess the US citizens may consider a series of matters before voting for their ideal president. We foreigners only consider the diplomatic policy of the newborn leader of the “World Police Brigade”, while the country consider about taxes, health care, environment improvement, homeland and security all those stuff. All those considerations made the decision much harder. One of my Yankee friends once said, there are two devils for the Americans to choose, people will choose the one they know better instead of the other who they know little. I guess that might be a good consolation to my chums who vote for Kerry.

We will see how Bush is going to adjust the American diplomatic policy for the US has irritated millions of Muslims and hurt the feelings of his so-called “allies”. The US army has trampled the territory of Iraq without the UN’s approval. They are bogged down deeper and deeper in this hassle as time goes by. If things really go like what Bin Laden mentioned in the video that those states which voted for Bush would be attacked by terrorism, I assumed USA is the most dangerous target of the terrorists in the world in the next few years. It is convincing that more “head chopping” and hostage incidents will occur when Bush is counting how much profits he gain from his oil business. I taught my students who worked as cadres in the class that being a leader, you should show your charisma to other students; what you say should be engaging so other students will follow you to do things well. I used Bill Clinton’s charismatic image to teach these kids. Never would I choose Bush as an example except the contrary image.

Democrats lost the campaign to take office of the White House twice. I wonder if Hilary Clinton will be the most likely candidate in next campaign four years later. Wow…by that time the US presidential election will be more dramatic, which outweighs the Hollywood movies.


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