Disney Characters and Me

In late March, I finally made one of my wishes come true. We three people went to Hong Kong Disneyland for a weekend. It is rumoured that the theme park is the smallest Disneyland in the world. Who cares? To see is to believe. It turned out to be a fantastic place for me to forget troubles. We played, hummed, photographed, screamed, laughed, ran, ate and spinned. From the US Street to Tomorrowland, then from Fantasyland to Adventureland, we had great fun with lots of surprises and laughter. Here are some MOSTs that I recalled:
The most thrilling game–Space Mountain. I didn’t realize it was a roller coster in the darkness until the last minute when I was sitting in the cart. Gees, by the time I came out of the game, my throat was too sore to utter a word.
The most imaginative show–Mickey’s PhilharMagic. I watched the show twice!!! I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s actually a 3D movie. But I would say it’s 4D as it’s so real that audience can feel the breeze and the sprinkle of water. 
The most whirly game–Mad Hatter Tea Cups. My friend and I played the game three times!!! You see how much we loved this game. I guess we were the craziest tea cup too. Once we got into the teacup, we never stopped spinning. Fortunately, I could still walk a beeline to the exit after the game.
The best game of all time–Cinderella Carousel. It reminded me of my girlhood. Every adult wants to relive the childhood by playing Mary-Goes-Around again and again. As time goes by, our life is like the game will run and run and eventually stop.
The most romantic vision pleasure–The firework over Sleeping Beauty Castle. It certainly has its wow factor. The backdrop of the firework was amazing. With the classical Disney music and light effect, the entire firework show was unforgettable. It added a wonderful full stop of the day.
There are so much more to mention about my Disneyland weekend. All I can see is Disneyland is a place for all ages–from little kid to senior, they all love the Disney characters.
With Pluto&Goofy
With Mulan
With Buzz Lightyear
With Mickey&Minnie
With Dale&Chip
With Winnie the Pooh
With Goofy
With Mickey
With Minnie
Donald Duck and Daisy     (These characters have so many fans waiting in line for them. To save time, I took pictures for the fans.)
Snow White&Cinderella

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