10 Things Men Wish Women Knew About Them

I read this article from an Indian magazine. It is fun to share with you. As a matter of fact, what the article stated is quite close to my friend’s personality. Perhaps it is common in men.
10 things men wish women knew about them
1. All men think that women are God’s greatest creation.
2. Men do cry, even though we may pretend otherwise and never admit to it.
3. Men have huge egos–they need to be pampered and cared for like little children.
4. Most of the time we need our women, but not all the time–we need our space and our me time too.
5. Monogamy is every man’s New Year’s resolution. And we do make it in all seriousness. God knows what happens later.
6. Once a man sets his sights on a woman, he will go to any lengths to sweep her off her feet.
7. Most men don’t know how to breakup–they will keep silent and drag it till no end.
8. Don’t come to us for a shoulder to cry on. Come to us for a simple solution to your problems.
9. All men are petrified of the four big words every woman says now and then: We need to talk.
10. But in the end, despite all, we still love WOMEN.

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