Special Weekend

Last night I returned to the local concert hall for a wonderful concert with my friends. I hadn’t been to the concert for ages, probably over two years since my mom was ill. I noticed small changes had taken places in and out of the concert hall. The staff are now more professional than before. They are in dark suits as their uniforms with a name tag on the chest pockets. And when audience enter the concert, a reading machine will distinguish the concert ticket. It is much like when you get on board by plane.
The concert was great. Many familiar pieces were played by Foshan Philharmonic in celebration of the upcoming Teachers’ Day. I also noticed that the telecommunication signal inside the concert hall is strong which used to be not available in the past. That pissed me a bit as I occasionally heard sudden cell phone ringtones as the background music in the concert. A young guy sitting in front of me even finished his call during the performance. His voice volumn was just compete against the concert’s one. Shame on him!
While the music was playing, I realized how much I had missed this feeling nurtured by music and how long had I been away from this kind of life. I gave up almost everything last year for someone I love. Well, my experience has made every piece of music I listened to much more enriching and meaningful. I understand life deeper this year.
Actually my day yesterday started from seven o’clock in the morning. I went to the wet market early to prepare for the lunch for my best friends. As their parents and my dad are all travelling in China, I want to thank them for taking my father out by making Cantonese soup for their daughters. Over the past few months, this is the greatest change in me, I am afraid. I have been teaching myself to cook, not all the dishes but some soups and simple homemade dishes. Sometimes I think I really miss my mom too much and her clear appearance will emerge in my memory as I cook and I try to memorize the way she did. I wish someday the taste of my dishes will be close to mom’s cooking.
I had made apple and pear soup with pork, steamed egg with baby shrimps which was the most welcome dish yesterday, steamed fish and some green veggie. The girls immediately took pictures and sent them to their fathers. And my dad called home from the Northeast asking me about the cooking. That’s fun. And I was amazed at the fast speed of hi-tech communication–one picture was out;in came a call. 
Yesterday was a day that I didn’t feel at lost. I hope it continues as many time I am sort of a patient. It looks like September I cannot travel as planned. With the coincidence with Mid-Autumn Festival and the working weekend before the Golden Week in early October, I have to postpone my plan. I hope it is just a matter of time but not of cancellation.  

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