Is this the end?

I surfed the web for information about the graduate programs in the US. To my surprise, the university which I think it is easy for me to meet its requirement has the same old stereotyped restriction on transcript. Why is it? Is it really that important to receive the transcript enclosed in an offical envelope? Is it that significant that the transcript must be evaluated by the third party which is authorized? Why there are so many procedures in the way? Why can’t I just sign up for a program and study for it?
Education is like a business. Once you enter the school website for admission, you will be first reminded to pay for the non-refundable application fee. It seems like every candidate owes the school. Some schools even say on their websites, without the application fee your application will not be in process. What a threat!
I thought last year was the hardest year for me but it seems this year is full of hardship as well. If this is fate that I should stay at home instead of moving my cheese, I have to surrender. It is so tragical that nobody understands me and few people are willing to offer help. Is this the end of my 25-year-old? Can’t be better! Can’t be bitter as well!   

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