Time Rushes…

October goes so fast. It’s mid-Oct now. Today is actually my good friend’s birthday. Alas, she is living far far away–in Britain. I cannot celebrate with her. I hope she will realize her dream in Britain. Perhaps it is universal that we all see the grass is greener on the other side. Three years ago my friend applied to study in the UK. And she got it! Now she is working and living overseas. Just over these three years, things have changed in my chapter of life–I got a job and I also lost it; my mom passed away and my father has been living disgruntledly. My friend misses the time I have with my parents while I yearn for a new lease of life in a strange land.
Are we all chasing after time since we were born? In October I feel time is pressing me out of breath. Five-day working at the Canton Fair was an eye-opener but also exhausted me from head to toe. I got up at 6am every day to catch my bus and train to the fair center. I didn’t finish work until 6pm. Due to the economic breakdown, buyers appeared to be much fewer than those of the previous session. I gotta have my Arabic ears trained for the pidgin English. It looks like the whole world, particularly in the West, is in agony about the terrible financial situation except the fat cats from the Middle East. In early Oct. I squeezed sometime to visit my family in Hong Kong and the HKU campus. I always hope someday Mainlander can have the same benefits as the HKers do. Most importantly, the air of freedom.
One day passes by, it means my life is shorten by one day. I am chasing and chasing… I can’t wait to finishing the business within the shortest time. At times, I question myself, what for? Have you ever felt foolish or aimless after a hectic day? Maybe I am feeling old, or maybe I am phobic of bad news, or maybe I am that vulnerable to face reality. Time goes by…what can I do? Neither can I sit still nor am I prepared to confront the cruelty of life. I have to push myself to chase after time.

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