A Simple Life

What is a simple life? Reading, reading and reading. I give up my usual 9:30 prime time TV show and turn to reading for pleasure. I believe this is some kind of a simple life. The first thing I do after I get up is reading again instead of checking my email. I think this is a sign of getting away from modern technology. At the beginning I feel kind of weird though. The house is extremely quiet. The used-to-be TV sound is replaced by the tick-tock tick-tock from the clock and my breathing. I read and read and read, running against time. Am I living in an Amish lifestyle? No computer, no TV but just simple lifestyle. Probably when we city dwellers are too tired of the modern life, we will reconsider a simple lifestyle.
I went to a bookshop a few days ago. I bought several books on my father’s health problems. The moment at the bookshop reminded me of two years ago I did the same thing for my mother. I thought the more I know, the less I don’t know. I thought I could find a solution out of books to ease the pain of my mother. Reading certainly kills time. I am a slow reader. So it makes me to think I can spend more time on reading than anybody else. I want to help my father to deal with his pain. I want to prepare myself for emergency at home. I feel the more I know about medical problems, the more equipped I will be. Sometimes I regret that I were not a nurse or doctor. Or I would be the safeguard of my family’s health.
Today the weather gets cooler. I wore some perfume before I went out. The perfume was a special gift from my friend who has a good taste of selecting the right gift for me. The bottle of perfume has sat in my drawer for several years. I love it so much and I never can find a good excuse to use it. As I notice the liquid inside can evaporate without being used, I might just use it now than regret someday for not. I don’t know since when I am interested in perfume. Perhaps it’s a sign of age. But actually the perfume bottle appeals to me more. Anyway the servis is getting slow. I should sign off now.
Toast for a simple life begins.  

2 thoughts on “A Simple Life

  1. I started thinking that maybe it\’s time for me to use perfume a few days ago. Age changes a lot of things…

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