Canton Fair Spring Session 09

Five-day working at Pazhou Exhibition Center is finally over. My cousin asked me to help him with his brass lock booth at the Canton Fair. This is my second time to work for him at the fair. So I am quite familiar with the process. Surprisingly, the economic downturn has not stopped many buyers from coming to the fair. Most of them are from Southeast Asia or Middle East. I think my cousin has found the right person to work for him as I can speak one or two sentences of some languages from Southeast Asia. My T-shirt from Laos attracts attention of the Thai buyers. And my travel experience in India and Pakistan marvels the clients from those countries. I am somewhat proud of myself which is so rare in my case. Compared to the autumn session last year, we have much more clients this time. I was so busy from day one to day five. There was hardly a chance I could sit down longer than 15 minutes. I finished my lunch box faster and faster day by day, from 20 minutes, 15 minutes to at last it came to 10 minutes. I was upset that I had to pour the entire packet of McDonald’s fries, which I disliked, into my stomach on day five. Since everyone was busy packing and cleaning up, nobody went to buy take-away lunch boxes. The fries was my only choice to fill up my belly. I had to live up to that.
I walked around the fair and took some snapshots. Below the one shows the C section of the Pazhou Exhibition Center. That is where our booth located. More photos are available at I was so p.o. that mini trucks and vans were all parking at the bus stop on the last day of the fair. They wanted to make convenience for themselves, putting aside the safety of the passengers. I hardly saw the approaching buses so I walked out to the roadside as many people did. Double parking was so common that the buses had to stop in the middle of the road to pick up passengers. I immediately dialed 110, the local police emergency number, asking for help. I complained and requested more police force to be sent here. I was just doing my duty of a good citizen, wasn’t I?
During these five days, I found a better solution to get to the exhibition center than last year. Instead of taking metro, I took bus #229 all the way from my place to the fair. Two yuan each trip for 23 stops is really a good bargain. Otherwise I have to spend 8 yuan each trip by bus and metro. The bus ride from north to south lasts about one hour and 15 minutes,excluding 15 minutes walking and 15-20 minutes waiting for the bus. Such a long bus ride enabled me to read, write and think on the bus. Among many thoughts I had, I remember one about falling in love. I realize that we fall in love with someone not only because of the person’s appearance. We would fall in love with his/her talents, with a deed he/she does, with something he/she says, with his/her personality or with something unique about him/her. This short period of admiration could be just a crush on someone but it might also last for a longer period of time. And sometimes this person would influence our life in a positive way. This reminds me of the whimsies of Ally McBeal. At times I would have the similar experience as Ally did, simply because something about this person has struck my attention by the way he/she does or talks. Anyway. this is just part of my thought, not exactly the same as when it first hit my brain on the bus. It’s something I can discuss in my creative writing exercise.  Adios!

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