Looking back my previous entry which was written last month, I feel time really flies. Little over a month ago, my heart was still going up and down, worrying about my visa application. My case was quite unique compared to those who were sponsored by parents to complete education in the States. During those few days I was living in panic. Because I knew any decision made by the VA would totally change my life. Thanks to the help and support from some friends and friends’ friends, I got the visa which every applicant to the US consulate is dreaming for. Over the past few weeks, I was tied up to get ready for my first cross-Pacific trip. Taking care of banking business, health care matters and of course meeting family and friends who I have not seen for a long time, I have never felt time could be spent so richly. On top of that, I also signed up for a one-month swimming plan. Now I begin my day with one-hour swimming every day.
I will visit Hong Kong in early July. Originally I wanted to travel somewhere before I leave China. I guess I have to put off my plan to Sabah and Brunei. Alas, I am so addicted to TV dramas lately. And I realize I should be with my dad more often as possible as time gets closer to my departure. So I hope Hong Kong will be a good place to getaway. This summer seems extremely unbearable. Probably the city dwellers are so used to living in air-conditioning environment. I just want to be in the water as much as possible. Swimming is great for me to refresh and most importantly, to loose weight. I don’t understand why I carry heavy loads of stuff home quite often lately, but it doesn’t change my shape much. Haha. The fat loves me!
My friend asked me if I was anxious for the new change ahead. I said, I was both anxious and worried. I know the program I am going to study does not have too many international students. In another words, I will compete with many English native speakers. As English is my second language, I am afraid I won’t be as good as my friends thought. (I never think I am good enough.) For example, words have escaped me lately. I know at the best time I can express myself in English without too much hesitation. Apparently I am not at my best time now. Does that do with my brush-up on Japanese? I doubt it. I am kind of excited for my upcoming flight to Tokyo even though I won’t cross the Custom. I will fly to the States via Tokyo and I hope I will have a smooth landing. Lately I have got a brand new laptop–SONY VAIO CS36H. I really LOVE this attractive laptop!!!!!!! I will tell you more about it later. Ciao!

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