Forever MJ

I seldom read news while I am checking email but on June 26 I was so shocked to learn that MJ was dead. How could MJ just pass away like this? I am not a crazy fan of his but I do love his performance and music. MJ was so talented that he became a legendary icon in the music world around the globe. I realize that many geniuses or men of great achievements cannot enjoy a longer life. Say, Elvis, John Lennon, Teresa Tung and now Michael Jackson. Probably that’s fate, an inevitable fate.
Watching MJ’s moonwalking dance, I thought of my high school classmate who also admired MJ a great deal. He even imitated MJ’s performance quite well. Today when I went to swim, the guard who checked my swimming card was even listening to MJ’s song. What a surprise! I am not sure if the guard could understand MJ’s music as he is at his late 50s. MJ’s music would be a noisy disaster to my father’s generation. Nevertheless, MJ’s music has inspired the generation of 1980’s. 
I wish I could write some more about my feeling for MJ’s passing. But at the critical moment I am speechless. I know my feeling will be clearer when I am not that emotional. Learning the news of MJ’s death is like accepting my mom’s passing as well. It’s really hard to believe. Even today, I don’t quite completely come out of my terrible missing for my mom. I wish that was only an aweful joke. MJ will be with us forever, especially his music will be passed on from one generation to another. There won’t be another MJ but his spirit and passion for music will remain forever.
May you be in peace, MJ! God bless!    

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