Leaving Message

Very soon I will take the first cross-Pacific flight in my life to the nation of freedom. I am anticipating that day to come quietly. These days I seem to have a lousy sleeping schedule. Whenever I wake up a mild headach will hit upon me. Perhaps when one gets older, her physical ability will get weaker. I think the upcoming jet lag will be even worse.
Yesterday I met my best friend who returned from England for a short visit. I am happy to see her before my departure. As she doesn’t come back to her motherland too often, she has to make up for so many visits to family and friends that she has missed in the past few years. If I have a break to return to China during my study, I really don’t want to deal with so many meetings. Just in recent ten days, I notice I don’t really have much time for myself to sleep in and to be idle. I really miss the no-string-attached good ole days in the past few months. But I guess I won’t have that anymore. Life has to move on; the show has to go on. I will be a student in the ivory tower pretty soon. No more lazy days, no more flexible schedule or no more couch potato fun. (Sigh) I hope I will meet lots of people in a totally new world. As the song sings, what a wonderful world…
My first stop is Tokyo. I can’t believe I will be in Japan soil even though I cannot visit the country thoroughly. I have friends who don’t like Japan at all. Well in the past I had the same misunderstanding about this little country. As I picked up the language Japanese unwillingly in university, I felt the charm of Japan. In another sense, I admire China more as China has influence Japanese culture a great deal. If someday I can visit Japan, that’d be awesome. Of course, I have so many places that I want to travel to. I learned that my best friend had been to Italy as well as France and some other European countries. How nice is that!
All right, I will keep you posted about my settling in the dreamland of many Chinese. America, here I am for you! 

4 thoughts on “Leaving Message

  1. I guess you will be taking the NWA. Have a nice stay in the States and do visit those national parks. They are breath-taking.

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