Writing With A Full Belly

Today is my best friend’s birthday. Instead of eating out, I cooked at home. Wow! After filling up myself, I feel like hitting to sack right away. Am I living a life like Garfield? Perhaps. These couple of days I was touring around New England. Yesterday I went to NH to visit Dartmouth College. Surprisingly I saw many Asian faces on campus. I wonder if my university has many Asians as well. To some extend, I am quite comfortable to live in a non-Chinese community. Even though I see Chinese here, I would be very careful to speak my mother language as my mind is so English now. As age grows, it is harder to change channel on the mind at once. LOL
That’s actually a good thing that I think in English, I speak in English and I write in English. But at the same time I am afraid I will soon be completely Americanized. Just look at me now, muffin top is on me! And more pounds are tended to grow on the muffin top. A few days ago I attended to my first American family party. As usual, I was the only Chinese there but I guess I was doing fine. A family member bought a family tree and family pictures to the party. I helped set up the display on my laptop and take photos of the family. In fact I feel I am much included in this totally Caucasian family.
Oh god! My belly is about to explode. I made my favorite dish tomato with eggs tonight. I cannot find any brown sugar in bar here so I used honey to replace brown sugar. It tastes better than last time that I put butter and syrup. I also made clams in garlic dipping. I am just too greedy, finishing three plates of clams. Gees!
I love New England day by day. So far I have been to three states. But I haven’t finished my tour yet. I believe there will be more to explore. Life here is very easy for me. Sometimes I almost forget I am here to study but not for retirement. Haha. I visited many sites in Saratoga too. The famous race track did not appeal to me although it has a long history. The state park and Yaddo are amazing. I love these two places. Lake George and Lake Luzerne are fantastic too. I definitely wanna make a return trip. Where else? Oh I watched movies here and I swam at Aunt Linda’s pool. Anyway time passes quickly especially after we have a car.
I need to stretch out now. More to come…  

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