Settling In

After a-few days’ running around, I finally have my place which is quite neat. My apartment is located right next to the campus, facing the hustling and bustling Fifth Ave.. Yep. I am now living on the Fifth Ave. but not the one in NY. I have one bedroom with two beds and one walk-in closet, one bathroom, one kitchen, one big living room and two other walk-in closet. The size of the apartment is estimated about 80-90 sqm. I am very content with my living environment now. At first I thought this place was not liveable. But after I made a few changes, the whole place looks quite pretty.
Now I have a big place. I feel like inviting people to my apartment. Today I met a girl who is also living in the same building. She is very nice. I think I will make good friends with her. I took a short walk on campus. How I miss that tranquility and freshness strictly coming from the university. I feel great that I can return to the ivory tower. One thing that bothers me is I seem not to be well prepared for my studies. Complicated words are fading away in my pea brain. I hope it’s not a sign of age.
The campus is located on a hilly landscape with lots of trees and grass. I cannot believe I am here in this university which has a history of 140 years. It is a rare opportunity for me to come here to study. I must grab the opportunity to learn the best I can. In the days to come I hope I can do more traveling in the States. This country is just great!!!    

3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. To "没有名字": I finally know who leaves that message to me. It\’s YOU! Thanks for your wishes. I will do my best.

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