Getting Used to the Campus Life

It’s been a week since I got to Pittsburgh. Today I finished the last day of the international student orientation. Phew! I am flat out now. Everyday seems to be busy ever since I got here. I really don’t want time passing me by just that quickly without even enjoying it. This was the first time I had an orientation. I wish my university in GZ could have done something like this when I enrolled in my freshman year. I get to like my university life here more and more as time goes by. The facilities are superb and people seem to be quite nice on campus.
I can’t believe I am back to school again. I realize that Americans pay a hell lot of attention to individualism. In today’s orientation program, we particularly discussed about plagiarism. These rules on plagiarism really do not apply to China since cheating is so common in the academic field. I wish my country can do something about plagiarism in the higher education sector. I hope my thesis will not rely so much on research; otherwise I will end up doing a lot of quotations which I try to avoid as I am always afraid that I will copy others’ opinions without providing sources.
The apartment I am living in has become more and more liveable. Yesterday I printed out all the bus schedule and routes so that I can learn to use the public transportation. How I wish I could get a US driver’s license soon. It looks like I have to get that in PA instead of in NY which is what I preferred. I am not sure if I will like PA as much as I like NY. Well, just wait and see!
Every single day I am worried about my future. As one day has passed by, I would say to myself, the time for me in the US is shortened by one day. It’s like a timer setting in the back of mind. Or it’s like a dying patient who is counting her numbered days. Perhaps I am too pestimistic about my prospective, but the vision can be scary. Should I carpe diem and worry later or should I start panicking myself now? Anyway, I do enjoy my life here up to this moment. Sometimes I hope the good moments just freeze there and never go away. As requested, I have put up some pictures of my apartment in my online photo album. Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Getting Used to the Campus Life

  1. I have got my visa extended…so i may still stay in uk for another 3 years. 🙂 so..its time to move on….Dont worry about your prospective…i think its good that you just try your best to enjoy your life there. No one knows what will happen even 6 months later, so don\’t make the judgement so quickly. Focus on your study and lfe first 😉

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