Some Thoughts

Accidentally, I come back to my space just one month from my previous entry. Instead of updating this space weekly, I am doing it monthly. I am not finding excuse for myself. It’s true that I am so swamped last month. Every single day I am busy doing something, either academic or personal matters. Also I am exploring the city little by little in my spare time. This weekend I went to the Just Ducky Tour which offered me a fantastic view of downtown Pittsburgh both on land and in water. The city has such a long history that few visitors really know. Perhaps the local Pittsburghers would not know the nitty-gritty of the history as well. I had a chance to see a beautiful sunset sky, too, something that I miss in my hometown. If a used-to-be industrial city could have a clear sky with tinges of pink at sunset, so can my home city. I am really impressed the great effort this city has made to clean off the pollution. I hope my city will do the same thing and some day I will see a miracle there just as the one I see here.
Last week I was in a very frustration situation. I was about to receive my SS card but it turned out my application was denounced because my I-20 was inactivated. It was the school’s negligence for sure. But I could not blame them in person. So I had to beat around the bush to allude to my problem and frustration. The coordinator was apologetic and somehow paid a little attention to me as she never responds to my emails. I really hope things will go smoothly for me. I am going to learn driving anyway. It’s a skill of survival. But if I only stay in this country for a couple of years, it does not really make my life a great difference. Only if I could stay longer. Who knows? I am hideous and unskillful.
A week from last I went to a symphony concert and to the Andy Warhol museum. I enjoy the cultural life here so far. There are movies, plays, operas, museums, writer lectures, free public libraries, as many as you name it. I feel I am so lucky to be in a city like this. If only my hometown is similar to Pittsburgh. But I know that’s something globalization cannot affect. My hometown has its own unique culture that Pittsburgh does not have. Likewise the other way around. What impress me the most is a visit to the Amish county near here. I am so happy to see the Amish finally. Their lifestyle always inspires me. I am not only curious about them but I want to be part of them. I don’t think I can change my lifestyle now after being a city girl for almost half of my life. But I do hope the other half of my later life will be something different from the previous half.
I am also helping an African student with her English. Sometime I think to myself, how lucky is she that she has found me to help her as I am such a responsible tutor. Excuse me for the bragging. But this tutorship goes two ways. I learn things when I do research for our meetings. She has got her driver license. How nice! If only I got mine too.
I have go back to my agenda now. Updating this space today is totally unexpected. But I do it anyway as it’s a little corner for me to appreciate myself and make fun of myself. Life will be boring without doing some self-sarcasm.        

One thought on “Some Thoughts

  1. wow……oh my,u saw the armish. I just watched BONES, the american TV series to learn about this unique community with their religion and was wondering if there is really such a community existing. So you have been to the county as well? And is it nice? I bet it will be so nice 🙂 Wish you could tell me more :pAnd good luck with everything!!

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