Busy October

This October was the busiest month to me. I went back to upstate New York to appreciate the gorgeous fall colors. Whenever I return to a familiar place, I don’t feel like leaving. My short fall vacation there makes me feel at home. In fact I do feel that is my home. Then the following weekend I visited the spectacular Niagara Falls. That trip was memorable. I even saw rainbows near the falls. It is very rare for one to see rainbow throughout one’s lifetime. I did and I saw more than one. Gosh, that must be a rainbow show dedicated for me by mother nature. I also had a fantastic weekend in Washington DC for Halloween. I had never handed out so many candies in one single night. The street where I went to on Halloween evening was totally mobbed by visitors, both adults and kids, in costumes. That Halloween was a real one that I experienced for the first time. I have taken so many pictures in October. Fortunately, all these pictures help me to bring back my memory.
My mind is still immersed in the joy of passing the knowledge test today. I spent quite a few hours reading the driver’s manual and today I finally got what I deserved. I can’t wait to get the other half of the test done so I will complete my belated rite of passage. I remember the woman who worked at PennDOT showed a very indifferent face and cold voice to me while looking at my documents. I assumed people who work at PennDOT all like that. They work like an expressionless working machine. When I told the woman my understanding of how stressful of her job was. She finally smiled, "You are better than my previous customer. His case is so complicated that I spend a long time dealing with his application." While examining my documents, the woman repeated that she hadn’t had her usual two cups of coffee this morning and she had to run to the post office before it was close. I thought to myself, it seems government workers have the same attitude no matter where they are. They must have found their job very tedious. I am glad I do not need to wait for her to process my application after the knowledge test. I spent too much waiting at PennDot this morning. If I ever go there, I will not choose Saturday, especially after 10 AM. 
The semester is about to over. There are a few more weeks before Christmas. I remember this time last year I was dreaming myself to be in the US studying. I was accepted by then last year and was preparing for my visa application. Until today, honestly, I still cannot believe I am in America. The fact is surreal to me. I have been here for more than three months but I still feel I am dreaming. Maybe that’s part of the reason why America is most aliens’ dreamland. America is a convenient society. The other day when I was in the restroom I thought to myself, how nice it is to have toilet paper handy. It seldom happens in China. In fact, I use one pack of tissue within three days in China while here in America I am still using the same pack of tissue after three months. When I wash my dishes in the kitchen, I can easily get hot water. I can do my dishes in warm water all seasons while in Guangzhou I have to wash dishes with frigid water in the winter. How would America not attract foreigners to make a living here with all these conveniencies? 
November is a month of Thanksgiving, a traditional American holiday. I find that Americans pay more attention to family get-together in Thanksgiving than in Christmas. I am already invited to several Thanksgiving dinners but I can only attend one. So I feel sorry that I have to turn down the other invitations. November will be another meaningful month to me. I feel like I am a new-born child to see the world. Everything to me is so fresh and intriguing. I am curious to say: keep coming (at least before I get deported)!

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