December Rush

I gotta run! I haven’t packed up for tomorrow’s flight. God bless me a safe and smooth trip to Albany!
Since I have a big new year resolution, that is to read and write. I try not to expand my thought here. Anyway, life is going fast here. Thinking back, I have done a lot of things in the past few months but in fact it’s not as many as I wish yet. Not until I got here had I realized there are so many books to read. I really feel like doing nothing but read, day and night. Of course, I also want to spend time on writing. The title of my tentative book is already set. It’s so ready there, just for me to write the content. I need to gather information though. I have so many ideas that I can even work on a collection of short stories, or maybe the same genre as what I am learning, non-fiction. I need something, or maybe somebody to support me. Writing is an exciting process but is also lonely at times.
This winter is a very special one to me. I am living in a snowy city. Imagine that! It’s been one of my dreams since I was a kid. I am spending Christmas in a foreign country. Imagine that! I always want to be in a white Christmas in a faraway land. Whenever my passion for the snow comes to its zenith, I completely forget how cold it is outside. I walk on the quiet street as I kick the snow on the sidewalk; swipe the snow on the bare branches and even purposely stand in the snow to wait for the green light at the intersection. As a result, my shoes are wet but they do not chill my enthusiasm for snow. As the Christmas carol sings, "Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!" 
After I came back from New York for the first time in my life, my ambition has grown bigger. I saw opportunity there; I saw hope; I saw my target readers. There is so much to see and do in New York. I wish the city were just next door. Once I step out of one door, I enter New York rather than on the road by car for seven hours from Pittsburgh. Something bothers me a bit while I am in New York. That’s the "Made In China" logo. Actually it bothers me before I went to New York. I think I can write an article on the subject. Yes I certainly can. I am told and encouraged to do submission. And I will. I know I won’t just sit there and write to myself only. I should see myself as a writer now, at least that is what I aim for. I read two books within one week, "The Winged Seed" and "When Huai Flowers Bloom." None of them appealed to me a great deal. In fact, I said to myself confidently, "I can do better than these authors." Maybe. Maybe I am just an pompous ass, or maybe I really can update the China image in the English-reading society.
Next May I am going to do a field seminar in New Orleans. I anticipte the trip as I have heard and read about this place. I think as a Southerner from China, I can easily relate myself to the Southern city in the US. We share common one way or another. This winter break I am going to upstate New York and Boston. Yeah. I am looking forward to seeing more snowy scenery. Another idea pops up, I want to write an article about snow, about the seasonal changes. I just don’t understand why liberal arts is not regarded as important as science. Look at me! I am all loaded with ideas. Look at New York! It’s a city of liberal arts, the most creative kind. Why the bookstore would not buy back my literature textbooks? Why did they give me much less money than those science students who get back at least a hundred bucks from the bookstore. Totally unfair!
I will bring more news, I hope in this space. But if you don’t see anything posted here, it doesn’t mean I am not doing anything. In fact, it’s the opposite. I am swarmped and I shall write back to you right away if you send me an email or something. Don’t be a stranger! I am closer to you than you think! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!       

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