It must be a long time

It must be a long time I haven’t been on MSN space. There’re lots of changes here. I’m like a stranger coming to a familiar land but haven’t got a single idea what to do.
The good news is I’m back on blogging again. I am invited to write blog entries for an online literary blog, Coal Hill Blog. It’s part of an independent literary publisher, Autumn House Press in Pittsburgh. If you are interested, you’re welcome to click on 
Hopefully you will see my writing there as well. I am actually planning to update this space whenever I complete one blog entry. It’s mostly about my observation of America. Yeap, my goal is to be a Chinese Peter Hessler. I like this brilliant idea. Perhaps someday my blog entries may turn into something, like a book-length nonfiction.
A couple of weeks later I’m going to AWP conference in Denver. I’m excited for the trip as I’ll see the Midwest. This weekend I will be in Phillie. Pittsburghers hate Phillie but not me. I haven’t been there yet, how can I hate it? If only I could watch the 76ers. Ha, that’s the only thing I know about Phillie.
Anyway, more to come on this blog.     

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