Victory Day


I’ll never forget that significant moment.  My favorite professors announced the result that I’ve passed my final board! It means so much to me that the good news comes from Marc, Sandy and Karen. They’re truly wonderful people. 

Now I’m one step closer to graduation. I can’t believe this day has arrived. How many days and nights have I anticipated its arrival? Too many to count, just as too many days for me to wait for a piece of good news while my Mom was sick.

At this moment, I really wish my Mom would share my joy. What would she think if she knew I am writing about her? Would she feel honored that she is the main character of a book? That’s the best I could do in casting. I picked her in my movie on the page.

I must say it’s unusual for me to feel so accomplished. The overwhelming joy makes me as speechless as a piece of shocking news can cause me. I have too many of the latter silent moments. I don’t know how to react to good news. Perhaps the best and unexpected response to my victory day is my breaking a teacup, a Jewish interpretation of celebration. I’m not Jewish but I value its unique culture as much as I respect my own.

Way to go! A plane should have flown above me because my prayer is heard. Thank you, my lord!


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