New Way of Blogging

I downloaded a WordPress app. Now I begin to break my long silence by posting something via this app. How amazing!

Today Americans are equipped with all sorts of apps. Before I had an iPhone, I was a complete idiot about apps. I really thought I could live without them. Now I have an iPhone and my horizon is completely widening because of all sorts of useful apps. It seems I have lived up my life every day because I can’t help checking my phone.

I keep running out of time because I am always occupied with something. Sometimes I wondered if all I did was only ado. Well I can’t say I haven’t tried my best. The only thing that I let myself down is not keeping well with my own deadline although I am pretty good at keeping others.

Every day I am short of sleep. So the very thing I am looking forward to is my bed and sleep as much as I can. I am told sleeping also helps to reduce pressure. That makes me love sleeping more. However, I do wish I have more time to create my literature.

Ok. That’s about it for my first posting via the app. More to come, I promise. Seeing my muse now! Ta ta!


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