Dad’s Eye of America

I had a busy, busy, busy August as my dad made his debut visit to America. His perspective of American life was really intriguing. It kept reminding me of my first arrival to this country.

“The food portion is huge!” He said almost every time when we ate at restaurants. “I’ve been eaten more than I normally would,” he added after he finished his plate.

We even joked with each other. Either of us, if we continue to eat and force ourselves to finish our plates (as in our family tradition, leftover is a shame or lost its taste), we’d have gained so much weight that no one would want to sit next to us on the plane.

“The consumption of napkins and toilet paper in America is astonishingly large!” Dad sweats a lot whenever he is eating a meal. So his habit is to bring a pack of tissue when he’s out. At least in China–where free supply of napkin/toilet paper is only a dream. Dad carried this habit to America and learned that the pack of tissue he brought from China was still in his pocket after his month-long visit in America.

As he found out, public toilets usually provide not only paper to wipe one’s butt, but also one’s hands afterwards. “Even Russia doesn’t have paper to dry hands,” he said, remembering his earlier visit to Russia. Restaurants supply plenty of napkins, and dad even brought them home to avoid too much of waste.

Dad’s observation is certainly the highlight of my month. I wonder if he stays a bit longer in America, will his fresh eye of America be still there? Only time can tell.


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