World Events

I am undergoing self-censorship lately.

Everything I write, before I publish it, I just hit the delete key. I need more practice here. After the completion of my memoir, writing is getting farther from me. Well, in the past few months, my interest in global affairs is growing  tremendously. Thanks to my first European trip last November, I am more aware of European current events such as Greek financial crisis. Thanks to my first European trip, I take heed of British politics as well as anything French. I am teaching myself French. I am reading a biography about Marquis de Lafayette–this is the first historical non-fiction in English I have read with gusto. On July 14, I even celebrated Bastille Day at the French embassy in the U.S. Turning myself into a Francophile is really a joy!

Last week I attended a lecture at Library of Congress with two former U.S. Secretary of State–Madeleine Albright and Colin Powell. Despite the fact that I was seated in the wing of a full auditorium where only live TV streaming was available, I was awakened to some diplomatic viewpoints made by Madame Albright in particular. Am I now interested in foreign service? Yes I am. It’s quite a daunting but challenging career. A saying that I learn long time ago says it well. Don’t wait for changes but take action to make changes.

On July 14 at the French Embassy I watched a remarkable environmental documentary film–“Ice and the Sky”–by Luc Jacquet. The stunning images and thought-provoking script of the film really moves me. Yes, the power of humans against adversity is immense. If everyone believes he or she can make changes, the world will change significantly too, either good or bad.

At the moment, my mind is in turmoil, in a good way though. I must have grown up over the past few years. I am now thinking about taking a greater responsibility as a citizen on this blue plannet. I am learning every day, from Bosnia War to Iran nuclear program, from Japanese history to China’s role on the international stage, my quest for knowledge can be insane. Just like a line in “Ice and the Sky” says, “forage, comprendre, forage, compredre (drilling, understand, drilling, understand)”, scientists are never tired of their exploration in Antarctica.

I am not going to self-censor my zest for knowledge. This is a good film review about the documentary film. I strongly recommend to watch it.