Letters to the editor at the Economist

I sent out two opinions to the editor at the Economist today. I doubt they will be published in the print version. Anyway, this is really what I think:

Dear Editor,

Your article on plebiscites in Europe (Referendumania, May 21, 2016) was spot-on. The reason for initiating an EU referendum in the UK and for its decision on Jun 23 to leave the EU is more political than economic. It’s saddening to see the EU, which was build on postwar economic cooperation and the integration of Europe, lose its key member the United Kingdom, whose majority of young voters in fact voted to remain in the EU. If the future is now and the voices of Britain’s future have spoken, how will Westminster react to it? Alas, the future of the UK is so uncertain that even the passionate “Vote Leave” campaigners are dodging questions about how to steer the ship of Britain’s future without EU membership.

Your description of the ritual that follows a mass shooting in America (Guns in America: Control, alt, delete, Jun 25, 2016) cannot be more apt. If the gun lovers in America see the Second Amendment as their mantra, they should know with fundamental understanding that the prerequisites for the people who keep and bear arms must be “well regulated” and in a “militia”. In none of the recent deadly mass shootings, from Sandy Hook to Orlando, did the gunman meet the prerequisites as “well regulated” and being a non-professional soldier to defend “the security of a free State”. If only a complete U.S. Supreme Court will revisit the controversial Second Amendment  and the last majority opinion written by the late Justice Antonin Scalia.


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