Aha, so alike!

Last week the White House made a press statement over the crowd size of President Dump*’s inauguration. Then, President Dump* announced the building of a border wall.

In the years that I live in America, this is the time I feel the U.S. is having the most commonalities with my birth country China. The state media in China is the mouthpiece of the Communist Party. Hardly any credibility do the government announcements have. This is a fact to all people, at home and abroad.

Dump imports CN media

Now President Dump*’s cabinet seems doing propaganda press release in the same fashion. It is catching up in a lightning speed, drawing fierce criticism from the U.S. mainstream media. Time will tell if he is leading the U.S. like an authoritarian ruler.

President Dump* also wants to build a Great Wall on the border between the U.S. and Mexico. Aha, China has one Great Wall geographically to fend off the Mongols, and another Great Wall virtually to censor internet information. If this border wall will ever get built, the U.S. will have a new attraction. Perhaps it is an attraction more for protesters than for tourists.

I remember in my last entry I mentioned about the White House petition website under the Obama administration. When President Dump* said in the press conference that nobody cares about his tax returns but only the reporters. I was thinking about creating a petition on the White House petition website. Aha, without me doing so, after the inauguration, there is already a petition about this grievance. And it has reached four times more than the goal number of signatures. Today I signed it anyway.

WH petition

This is a tumultuous year.  I cannot help comparing Washington DC to Hong Kong where an unpopular leader is now running the city. HongKongers are so unhappy about Beijing’s intervention into local politics and judicial independence. Every weekend there are some sort of protests and rallies on the streets in Hong Kong. Now a week after President Dump*’s administration begins, protesters already rallied on the streets outside the White House. There will be more protests if President Dump* becomes 100%  destroyer in chief. All hell breaks loose.


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