Good tune, good theme, good images…

I watched Hollywood’s big favorite “La La Land” TWICE early this year. Can you believe I watched the same movie twice in such a short span of time?

I seldom read the same book twice or more, nor do I watch the same movie more than once.  But for La La Land, I made an exception. The music is just repeat over and over and over on my mind for weeks. Perhaps I am a dreamer, too. I am not a performer. But I am surely a writer, a wannabe artist of words,  who dreams someday my work will be recognized. So when I saw Mia in the movie went to a number of audition and got out with big disappointment. I couldn’t help parallel my hundreds of rejection letters from publishers to the protagonist’s failure. There are so many unsung heroes in our society. As are so many unrecognized writers, performers, musicians and on and on.

I was moved when Mia got her acting dream come true in the end. That scene when the star walked into that very cafe where she used to work as a barista book-ended the flick nicely. What comes around goes around. I sincerely wish all creators for arts who work hard to realize their dreams will succeed at last.

The cinematography is super. That silhouette scene setting with stars in the backdrop and the characters dancing in the space is eternal. Ok, enough for praises. If you have not heard the OST (original soundtrack), I strongly recommend you to listen to it. I love jazz. So you know how mesmerized I was by the real jazz performance on the screen. Give me more!

Solute to everyone’s La La Land.

(Next, I shall learn from the actor to play the tune on keyboard by rote.)



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